Visit to Albet i Noya, pioneers in organic wine and vineyards

With some Groasis Waterboxxes in our hands we visited yesterday the vineyards of Albet i Noya in Catalonia. They are especialized in producing cava and organic wines. Josep Maria Albet i Noya showed us around and explained the process of wine making. After his father died in 1972, he became responsable for the company and he decided to start producing also organic wines.

The property is located in Can Vendrell de la Codina, 55 kilometers to the south of Barcelona. It has a total of 145 hectares, with a great  vegetation diversity that creates an amazing landscape. Josep Maria Albet i Noya told us the story of this property and explained about wine quality and the techniques and different trials that they are doing with organic crops and high yields. 

Given the age of the vineyard, they started to do a replantation of the strains. It is complicated bacause of plants competition and other several limitations for them to survive. Therefore, the idea is to use the Waterboxx as a solution for protection, water supply and growth of the plants. The meeting was succesfull and with great expectations of the results!