New visit to the Balsareny plantations

Last Friday, 20th of March, Transfer team visited the area to assess the results of the plantations. The mayor of Balsareny was invited to our meeting but unfortunately he couldn´t attend. Transfer team observed how the saplings have successfully developed over the last years. The first plantation was carried out in March 2011. Most of the trees and plants that were planted with Waterboxx are still alive and show a positive growth.

Below, some pictures from this visit where you can see the great growth of these plants and trees planted with WB. Those who were planted with protectors have had less success in this regard.

In this picture you can see the saplings of local species such as the holm oak (Quercus ilex)











On the left hand of the picture we see the pine tree planted with the WB and, on the right, we see 2 pictures of pine trees planted without the WB. Results: the pine tree on the right hand (top) is still alive while the one below is dead, just like the great majority of plantation where the WB was not used.











In the following pictures we can see the reforested area from Balsanery