Fenomenal growth of Paulownia with the Groasis Waterboxx

In May 2012, several Paulownias were planted with the Groasis Waterboxx in Manacor (Mallorca). Manacor is a Spanish city of Mallorca island. The weather is mediterranium, Hace cuatro meses se realizó una plantación de Paulownias en Manacor (Mallorca) con el famoso Groasis Waterboxx. Manacor es es una ciudad y un municipio español de la isla de Mallorca. The climate is typically Mediterranean, temperate and with hot season. The mountain Mountain areas and interiors are dry and sub​​-humid, while the marina is semiarid. The forest area is just over 20%.

In a dry land were planted 10 Paulownias with the Groasis Waterboxx. In September, after 4 months of the plantation, the Paulownias showed great growth. The pictures below show the significant development.