Sylma started up in 1991. The aim was to grow plugplants for reforestation projects with a short growing season. The short growing season could mean very dry summers for arid areas or very short summers for planting high in the Mountains. The plug is specially designed to root-prune the roots and develop a well formed and strong rootball which enforces the roots to grow straight down. The plants are produced in greenhouses and after germinating they are hardened in shadehalls. Also the mixture of peat and mychorizze makes the plants very stress resistent.

Sylma has a greenhouse of 1 hectare and 1.6 hectare of shadehalls. Everything is grown on tables which are transported with an electrical train. This enables us to produce a large quantity of plants in a very short time and to move around tables in different climate areas in our company and prepare orders in the shortest time.

Main activities of Sylma is production of plugplants for reforestation. Clients are mainly located in Italy, Spain, Portugal and France. We also deliver plugplants to nurseries who grow our plants further for trees because of the high quality of our plants and the high regrowrate. Other clients use plugplants as rootstock to graft other plants on to plugplants.

Sylma never participated in a EU project. We received a price of the King Baudewijn Foundation for Young entrepreneurs and we also got a price of the Ministry of Agriculture for most innovating product.

Important people in Sylma are Johan Van Hulle (argicultural engineer) for al commercial contacts outside Western Europe. Vita Basile (italian degree in Economics ) preparation of the orders. Christof Van Hulle (graduate accountancy) commercial contacts and plant production.