The founder of AquaPro
Pieter Hoff, founder of AquaPro BV, has worked 35 years in the floricultural industry as a breeder, producer and trader of lilies with his company Hoff Quality First. During his career the focus of the company was based on innovation and developments. Severe tests with new varieties were taking place all over the world at his clients before commercial introduction. His company had offices in several continents, e.g. China and South America. In 2001 Pieter Hoff decided to sell his flower bulb company, found AquaPro BV and decided to dedicate himself to further develop his invention of producing water from air. He was able to independently finance his research and development with his own capital through his licensee income of his lilies that are patented through breeders rights. The investigations lead to the WaterBoxx principles. The company has five people working of which three are in research and development and one person as a head of administration.

Investor, continuing research and development and future
Winning several awards, lead to contacts with investors. In May 2009 enough capital was found to do the next step: the development and production of the first prototype boxes. During 2009 the WaterBoxx principles were further developed to the Twinboxx principles. During 2010 the first boxes will be produced in order to start demonstrating this latest technical improvement. Besides the development of the Twinboxx, AquaPro has started research and development of producing the box from biodegradable polymers. The first molding tests done in June 2009 show that the production of the Twinboxx in biopolymer must be possible.